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Help RJ Paiva Kick Cancer’s ʻŌkole

Honolulu Fire Department’s RJ Paiva was recently promoted to Fire Fighter III on Ladder 4, 1st Platoon at the Liliha Fire Station. Prior to checking into his new assignment, he started to experience severe back pain that he attributed to injury (or maybe just old age, haha). After weeks of unsuccessful PT, an MRI was ordered. 

On May 21, we learned through that MRI that it wasn’t a back injury at all — it was Stage IV adenocarcinoma of the esophagus that had metastasized to his spine and pelvis.

RJ will begin radiation and chemotherapy and is seeking counsel with mainland specialists as well. All of this will cost a great deal of money, the extent to which is currently unknown. We do know that this will be a long journey and the Paiva ʻohana could use your prayers, love and support during this difficult time. I realize it’s awkward for the Paiva’s to ask for help, so I am asking on their behalf and with their blessing..

If you can, please consider donating to help RJ kick cancer’s ʻōkole! If you cannot, no worries.. we understand it may not be possible during this Covid-19 craziness. RJ, Charity & Aubree are so grateful for all of your support thus far ❤️ #paivastrong #hfdstrong #fbi #hiloboy #honolulufire


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