50th STATE FOOLS - Membership Payment Page


Aloha and Welcome to the 50th State F.O.O.L.S.  We apologize for the delay in getting to you, but it we have been working out a system put as much automation into the process as possible.  Please complete the information below.  Upon completion of this form, you will be charged the recurring monthly membership payment of $6, which will support the organization and its mission.


By signing up below, you become a member of both the 50th State FOOLS and the International FOOLS Organization, you will receive member pricing to events, priority ticket sales, discounts on merchandise items, access to equipment and instructors for training and many other benefits.  Your $6 dollars goes towards purchasing equipment, bringing in the instructors, paying for insurance and helping to organize the events. 


The 50th State FOOLS is a 501c non-profit organization registered in with the State of Hawaii.  The executive board takes no pay, per diem, and receives no financial benefit from the 50th State FOOLS.  The purpose of the FOOLS is to further brother and sisterhood and to promote firefightership across the entire state of Hawaii and to build bridges between all of the various departments that protect it.  Thank you for your brotherhood, we look forward to seeing you at our events in the future.


CURRENT MEMBERS:  If you are receiving this as an email it is because the card we have on file for your membership is not working. Please help us by completing the form below and selecting your recurring payment option to help us get you back into the fold.  If you have and questions call me (Koa) at 808-277-4131.