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To develop a culture of Firemanship within the State of Hawaii that is rooted in Family, Brotherhood, and Training, while providing the best service to our community through ongoing professional development and volunteerism.


We envision a network a fire service leaders that contribute to the future growth of the Hawaii Fire Service; being a steward of our community by providing services in times of need through volunteer opportunities; and ensuring professional development to all future firefighters.


Family - Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children; we must never forget to place the priorities of our family first.

Brotherhood - The "dark smoky hallway" is a place and time that all firefighters can relate to.  We understand how it feels, knowing that my Brother and Sister stands beside me.  We will not leave your side and commit to sacrifice for each other.

Training - We believe in being well-trained.  We owe it to ourselves, our brothers and sisters, our families, and the community we swore to protect.

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Upcoming Events

B-Side Lounge 

Wednesday June 26, 2024

The “Anatomy of a Push” is designed for all firefighters assigned to the nozzle, as well as company or training officers building curriculum and driving training. This class will confront how we view “risk” and “safety” in the fire service, discuss the importance of a clear mission for the nozzle person while considering the human factors on a dynamic fireground. We will discuss how to quickly read fire behavior and know intuitively what to do with your handline to positively effect searchable space. The primary focus will be how we exist to protect and preserve life with our handline in a single or multiple room residential fire.

0900 - 1600

Jay Bonnifield

Anatomy of the PUSH





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