Fraternal Order of Leatherhead Society

50th State F.O.O.L.S


Who calls themselves FOOLS?  The acronym F.O.O.L.S stands for "Fraternal Order Of Leatherhead Society".  A group of Firefighters from the Orlando, FL area would meet for breakfast and other refreshments and "talk shop".  This quickly became a venue to talk about fire ground operations, strategy & tactics, department training and tools and equipment.  

So this group of firefighters would meet regularly for breakfast and would be greeted by the local hostesses, that eventually dubbed the group "the FOOLS".  Since then, the FOOLS organized, funded and delivered a nationwide message about the importance of "training".

Although education and training is critical, keeping up with the ever changing Fire Service is extremely challenging.  Eager to learn, we have now brought this organization to the State of Hawaii and we are proud to call the Hawaii Chapter the ......50th State FOOLS!

Aloha and Mahalo!


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