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To develop a culture of Firemanship within the State of Hawaii that is rooted in Family, Brotherhood, and Training, while providing the best service to our community through ongoing professional development and volunteerism.


We envision a network a fire service leaders that contribute to the future growth of the Hawaii Fire Service; being a steward of our community by providing services in times of need through volunteer opportunities; and ensuring professional development to all future firefighters.


Family - Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children; we must never forget to place the priorities of our family first.

Brotherhood - The "dark smoky hallway" is a place and time that all firefighters can relate to.  We understand how it feels, knowing that my Brother and Sister stands beside me.  We will not leave your side and commit to sacrifice for each other.

Training - We believe in being well-trained.  We owe it to ourselves, our brothers and sisters, our families, and the community we swore to protect.

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As firefighters, emergency services professionals, and or members of our island community, we mourn for the loss of our young heroes. We pray for comfort and solace for the Evans-Dumaran ʻOhana and the Maui Fire Department in this time of uncertainty. On behalf of the 50th State FOOLS executive board and all its members, we presented this plaque as a gesture of aloha and kākoʻo to Chief Ventura and the Maui Fire Department.

A big mahalo to 50th State FOOLS member Robert Robinson of the Federal Fire Dept (retired) who did the beautiful woodwork.

Seminars and Training Events

Aaron Heller
February 17,2023

Rick Lasky
December 15, 2022


Samuel Hittle
September 12,

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