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To develop a culture of Firemanship within the State of Hawaii that is rooted in Family, Brotherhood, and Training, while providing the best service to our community through ongoing professional development and volunteerism.


We envision a network a fire service leaders that contribute to the future growth of the Hawaii Fire Service; being a steward of our community by providing services in times of need through volunteer opportunities; and ensuring professional development to all future firefighters.


Family - Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children; we must never forget to place the priorities of our family first.

Brotherhood - The "dark smoky hallway" is a place and time that all firefighters can relate to.  We understand how it feels, knowing that my Brother and Sister stands beside me.  We will not leave your side and commit to sacrifice for each other.

Training - We believe in being well-trained.  We owe it to ourselves, our brothers and sisters, our families, and the community we swore to protect.

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Upcoming Events

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Oct, 5, 2023

B-Side Lounge

Dennis LeGear

Presentation Description:

This presentation will cover discussions points on handline, single inlet mini monitor fire streams, and master stream development/application, with these three key areas brought into sharper focus, Volume, Placement and Velocity. Critical knowledge/understanding points will be addressed, in handline attack package design from small to large. This will include the selection and implications of these key points:


Target Flows Handline to Master Stream, Nozzle Pressures, Reaction Force, Back Pressure, Hose Construction / Design, Pump Plumbing / PSI Pick-ups, Panel Gauge Design.

This will include clear points related to applying suppression water from exterior positions vs interior positions (sequencing & simultaneously), on plane vs off a plane (up & down) building / compartment geometry, wind impacts, hidden fire, leading to conditions of knock back, knock down and base fire extinguishment.  Along with discussion points around the operational fire dynamic impacts of these applied streams, related to the critical actions of ventilation and search on the fire ground of all members hence maximizing possible life preservation of all civilians.  


The goal of this discussion is to provide the attendee with actionable nuggets, that will increase their life saving and property preserving potential on their fire grounds, focused on fire stream development and application methodologies.

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