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To develop a culture of Firemanship within the State of Hawaii that is rooted in Family, Brotherhood, and Training, while providing the best service to our community through ongoing professional development and volunteerism.


We envision a network a fire service leaders that contribute to the future growth of the Hawaii Fire Service; being a steward of our community by providing services in times of need through volunteer opportunities; and ensuring professional development to all future firefighters.


Family - Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children; we must never forget to place the priorities of our family first.

Brotherhood - The "dark smoky hallway" is a place and time that all firefighters can relate to.  We understand how it feels, knowing that my Brother and Sister stands beside me.  We will not leave your side and commit to sacrifice for each other.

Training - We believe in being well-trained.  We owe it to ourselves, our brothers and sisters, our families, and the community we swore to protect.

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Let's come together to prioritize the wellness of our first responders. This event is an opportunity for everyone to unwind, connect, and recharge.

Throughout the day, we will have various speakers, including members from the Maui Fire Dept, Maui Police Dept, American Medical Response, Community Leaders, as well as Cultural, Spiritual, and Industry experts. The event will foster a supportive environment, allowing our first responders to share their experiences, build camaraderie, and find solace.

Westin Maui Resort and Spa

January 18, 2024
0900-1730 hrs

Upcoming Events

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RIT Operations

Bassel Ibrahim

In this presentation, we will discuss two major topics: Hands On Leadership (here we will cover this progressive leadership style as well as the key factors for success), and RIT Operations (here we will examine the many facets of RIT, from stress response physiology, aspects of Command, down to the rescue itself, as well as discuss the difference between proactive and reactive RIT).

B-Side Lounge

January 26, 2024
Friday 0900-1600


In Loving Memory 

Kawika Bennett

“On Wednesday, November 9th… we unexpectedly lost 50th State FOOLS member Daniel “Kawika” Bennett.  

Kawika was a long time 50th State FOOLS member and a 25 year veteran of the Federal Fire Dept.  

He was a Firefighter, Martial Artist, Brother, Mentor, Father, Friend… there are many names by which people will use to remember him. 

There are so many great memories and stories with you and about you. Your time here was short, but your memory will live on. Take care my Brother, until we meet again. Love you…”




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